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Company’s history, values and intro

STPL Mother Company Founded in December 2014 .
Having done extensive research on what worries the New-Age Indian, we realized that over the years we have started getting dependent, albeit unconsciously, on small things. So much so, that we don’t even realize how dependent we are on them, unless they cease to be a part of our daily lives.
Most often, it is these smallest things which we usually take for granted, that give us the biggest grief. This helped us zero on those 2 “dependable” which each of us just can’t do without.
Thus was born Space Prahari Pvt Ltd – A One Stop Assistance Platform which takes care of all the worries, does all the leg-work and assists you by being that Rock solid support that you can bank on Always. But more importantly, we also ensure that YOU always remain in control and never feel Vulnerable about things you are most dependent upon.

Our Tracking Expertise Spans Many Industries & Business Sectors


And that’s where GPS tracking comes into play, a young, exciting industry that’s full of opportunities and ripe for the taking.

In today’s post, we’re going to give you the 6 biggest reasons why you should start your very own GPS tracking business.

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1. Service

No business can go far without providing the best experience for their customers. That’s why we focus so much on providing top-notch service. Our entire team is composed of experienced, passionate, talented and professional people who are always eager to help the customer at every point.

We believe that every customer is the most important, and the service we provide supports that idea.

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2. Decide on your niche

Any great industry that’s worth getting involved in will have lots of niches that you can concentrate on. This is no different with the GPS tracking business. Instead of just focusing on all types of GPS trackers, you can focus on one of the following niches:

  • GPS tracking for fleets
  • GPS tracking for consumer vehicles
  • GPS tracking for family
  • GPS tracking for government institutions or NGOs
GPS Tracking Market

In fact, there’s a lot more you can do with the GPS tracking business. And remember: once you niche down, you can always niche out to related areas.

For example, you can start with focusing on GPS trackers for consumer cars, motorbikes and boats. Later, when this niche is established, you can easily branch out to GPS tracking for commercial fleets.

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3. Trust

We only provide products and services that we believe will establish and maintain our customers’ trust. We want to make sure that our customers see us as dependable, reliable, and open.

We are always receptive to our customers’ ideas and feedback, and know that this will help us to create even better products and services.

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4. Quality

All of our products and services are made of the highest quality. We are more than proud of everything we do, which is why we focus so much energy into developing great GPS tracking and fleet management software and mobile apps for our customers.

The entire SPPL team works hard to make sure that everything that the customer interacts with – from our products, services, partnerships, technical assistance, and customer support – is of the highest quality.

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5. Low competition, high rewards

We mentioned it quickly above, but it’s important to go over it in a bit more depth: one of the main reasons that new businesses fail each year is because of the crushing competition.

Good news: when it comes to the GPS tracking business, there isn’t a lot of competition. There are no giants like Amazon or Best Buy competing for customers and keywords. In fact, you’ll just find small businesses like your own – and even then, they’ll probably be covering different niches within the industry.

That means you have more of a playground to explore and play around – this means more time and freedom to see what works and what doesn’t.

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6. Award-winning Solution

Our software has been recognized as being one of the best in the market, earning multiple awards for the quality of our products and providing a great user experience.



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